BxAnalytics – Deep Biometrics Data Mining & Fusion

BxAnalytics is a deep data mining and analytics tool that fuses disparate data sets to enable rapid decision making and deliver intelligence outcomes.



The global biometrics market is forecast to continue to grow at a rate of 15.5% until 2019 (reference: Frost & Sullivan, Analysis of the Global Biometrics Market, 2013). New modalities and applications will continue to enter the market. All this means that biometric data will continue to grow exponentially and organisations will need to be positioned to be able to manage and exploit this data in a timely manner.

BxAnalytics, an optional component of Performix, is a strong data analytics package that facilitates the identification of intelligence trends, threats, risks and linkages. BxAnalytics provides a deep data mining capability that delivers rich data visualisations allowing data drill downs and alerts.

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Performix is the only multi-modal, multi-system, vendor independent management and reporting system built specifically for biometric systems.

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BxAudit, BxMask and Quarterly Vulnerability Report

Solutions in securing your biometric system – from end-to-end capability audits through to a Mask Detection System and Quarterly vulnerability reports.

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Securely transform & move data between disparate sites

BxBroker is a scalable and secure solution to facilitate the movement of biometric data. BxTransform enables transformation between systems.

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Bx Consult – Our specialised Biometric services

Underpinning all our offerings, Biometix is a market leader in the provision of expert and tailored advice of all phases of the biometrics lifecycle.

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