Our History

Dr Ted Dunstone established Biometix in 1998 to provide experienced, independent biometric consulting resources to governments and organisations. In 2002 Biometix successfully implemented the prototype of SmartGate, the world’s first fully operational face recognition automated border control system.

Since then Biometix have been providing strong unbiased advice about all aspects of biometric systems for many government and corporate clients in Asia, Europe and the US. We also have a strong commitment to research and development having published pioneering papers in the area of biometric analysis techniques for which we received a best paper award from the IEEE in 1997. Biometix was also awarded the prestigious “Most Innovative Security Product” at The Security Summit, held in San Diego in 2010.

Dr Dunstone also founded the Biometrics Institute in 2001 responding to an industry need for an impartial forum for sharing knowledge and information about biometrics. By August 2015 the Institute has grown to include 180 organisations (650 individuals) from 24 different countries.

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