secure and effective biometric systems

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One of the most experienced biometric consulting, risk management and evaluation companies in the industry; Biometix’s mission is to make systems involving biometric’s more secure and effective by giving decision makers smart and actionable intelligence.


Biometix has a range of solutions that can assist in the management of large volumes of biometric data. Performix is our award winning software solution enabling the end-to-end performance management of biometric systems. Biometix Dashboard delivers live performance data direct to your desktop facilitating early identification and management of system issues. Biometix Reports delivers tailored automated reports - from monitoring service level agreements, through matching rates, risks and privacy monitoring.


BxAnalytics is a strong data analytics package that facilities the identification of intelligence trends, threats, risks, links and possible identity crime or fraud. Our product does this through a range of automated or analyst driven dashboards that facilitate the rapid identification of issues requiring further investigation. Biometix Intelligence Analytics can shorten the time analysts spend searching for ‘the intelligence gem’ hidden in the data. This means more time for analysis and evaluation - speeding up decision-making processes.


Governance over biometric systems is critical to ensuring compliance and maintaining performance levels. BxAudit is a semi-automated tool-set that allows a tailored audit of your system. BxAudit can facilitate a range of outcomes including: System Audit and Risk Management; System Vulnerability Identification; Liveness Detection; Privacy Risks and System Penetration Vulnerabilities.


Biometix’s Open Biometrics Broker (OBB) facilitates the secure and trusted interchange of any biometric (and related information) from one organisation to another. It is designed for ease of implementation and connectivity with existing or future biometric systems and modalities. The solution is secure, scalable and built on Open Standards to ensure maximum interoperability.