Biometix provides solutions that can securely transform and move biometric data between disparate sites.

BxBroker is a robust, scalable and secure solution to facilitate the movement of biometric data. Supporting this is BxTransform a tool to enable the transformation of biometric to ensure interoperability between biometric systems.


BxBroker facilitates the secure and trusted interchange of any biometric information between organisations. Designed for ease of use and implementation with existing or planned biometric systems. The broker is:

Security is built into all layers of the system, including: IP-white-listing; SSL connections; Role enforcement; Message encryption and signing; and full audit logging.

The OBB uses a high performance messaging framework to establish and manage multiple connections. Transactions are handled through the use of a high reliability, scalable open source message broker.

The OBB leverages open source capabilities and uses open standards methods to facilitate multiple modalities though the use of standards such as NIEM, BIAS CBEFF and NIST.

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The Biometric Transformation Utility (BxTransform) provides a fully audit logged and transparent transformation capability to facilitate the sharing of biometrics between organisations using different standards. BxTransform is both an add-on service to the BxBroker but can also be deployed as a stand-alone tool.

Specialised Biometric Services


Performix – Biometric System & Performance management

Performix is the only multi-modal, multi-system, vendor independent management and reporting system built specifically for biometric systems.

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BxAnalytics – Deep Biometrics Data Mining & Fusion

BxAnalytics is a deep data mining and analytics tool that fuses disparate data sets to enable rapid decision making and deliver intelligence outcomes.

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BxAudit, BxMask and Quarterly Vulnerability Report

Solutions in securing your biometric system – from end-to-end capability audits through to a Mask Detection System and Quarterly vulnerability reports.

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Bx Consult – Our specialised Biometric services

Underpinning all our offerings, Biometix is a market leader in the provision of expert and tailored advice of all phases of the biometrics lifecycle.

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