BxAudit, BxMask and Quarterly Vulnerability Report

Biometix provides a range of solutions to assist in securing your biometric system – from end-to-end capability audits through to a Mask Detection System and a Quarterly vulnerability report that will help keep you ahead of vulnerabilities as they emerge.


BxAudit provides for a full spectrum performance audit of your biometric system. This includes: system performance (across a range of metrics), system architecture, security vulnerabilities, fraud management, alignment with departmental IT policies, asset management, preparedness (intrusion, malfunction, disaster recovery) etc.

Our Biometric System Performance and Assurance Reviews cover a wide range of performance, quality and accuracy metrics, including:

• Data integrity and outlier analysis
• Biometric quality analysis
• Biometric score analysis
• Evidential assessment analysis
• Verification and Identification accuracy
• System performance
• Data mining and analytics
• Biometric vulnerability analysis
• Threshold tuning
• Gallery optimisation
• Candidate list optimisation
• Business rules and workload modelling

Biometix also has significant and leading experience in the conduct of biometric system vulnerability and penetration testing to assist an organisation to identify and mitigate potential fraud and system vulnerability risks.

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Biometix has developed a Mask Detection System – BxMask – that is able to identify whether an individual is seeking to disguise or alter their facial features.  As masking technologies improve, BxMask can provide an important addition to any primary line or Border point or indeed any environment where confirming a person’s identity is critical.

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Quarterly Biometrics Vulnerability Report

Biometix produces a Quarterly Biometrics Vulnerability Report (BVR). The BVR provides a detailed overview of current and emerging threats and vulnerabilities across the sector and synthesises these into an accessible format that provides managers with actionable recommendations to ensure that their system is protected.

The contents of the BVR include:

• Biometric security incidents summary
• Incident Review and recommended mitigations
• Future Vulnerability Assessment – What’s next

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Specialised Biometric Services


Performix – Biometric System & Performance management

Performix is the only multi-modal, multi-system, vendor independent management and reporting system built specifically for biometric systems.

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BxAnalytics – Deep Biometrics Data Mining & Fusion

BxAnalytics is a deep data mining and analytics tool that fuses disparate data sets to enable rapid decision making and deliver intelligence outcomes.

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Securely transform & move data between disparate sites

BxBroker is a scalable and secure solution to facilitate the movement of biometric data. BxTransform enables transformation between systems.

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Bx Consult – Our specialised Biometric services

Underpinning all our offerings, Biometix is a market leader in the provision of expert and tailored advice of all phases of the biometrics lifecycle.

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