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Detect the unexpected.

BxLIVE is a state of art, high quality and fit for purpose liveness detection product.

BxLive provides an entire biometric vulnerability risk framework and it can grow to incorporate additional vulnerability detection capabilities.

The BxLive solution incorporates a variety of technologies both client side and server side to ensure a live image has been taken. This incorporates both static and video analysis, and can also optionally incorporate speaker verification.

Male using latest smartphone technology for a biometric facial recognition unlock. Filmed with dark background with facial wire mesh and points tracking viewers face to unlock phone. Concept theme

Liveness Prompts

The system provides guidance to the user to move their head at certain angles. The angles are dictated randomly to protect against replay attacks. A user failing to comply can be provided further guidance in accordance with how the solution is configured.

Illumination Test

An illumination assessment on the front end will determine if the lighting is sufficient to capture a sample of suitable quality. The image processing produces illumination scores for different parts of the image and checks if the score is within a reasonable range.

Biometric verification woman face detection
Facial Recognition System concept

Image Blur Check

The image will be assessed for quality and to check that there is not significant blur that could impact the matching outcome. If the image is blurry this could signal that the image is digital or has potentially been tampered with and could indicate fraud.