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A new biometric file workflow and transformation solution.

BxTRANSFORM is a vendor and file agnostic application that can read, validate and transform data elements of biometric transmission files, ensuring compatibility with any identity or biometric system. It provides significant COST SAVINGS to organisations by REDUCING specialist intervention through fast identification of non-compliant files, automated modification and transformation.

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Customers Who Use BxTRANSFORM

A New Biometric File Workflow and Transformation Solution for:

Law enforcement organisations
Border agencies
Immigration organisations

Flexible Application Installation

  • Stand-alone (on premise), networked or secure cloud hosting
  • Standard GUI or web application interface
  • Integration with broker service for secure file transmission

Application Benefits

BxTRANSFORM gives you access to and control over your files, including:

  • Single and bulk file processing
  • Reporting and audit log functions

  • User management and administrative utilities

Key Features and Enhancements

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