Risk Assurance & Management

An industry leader in risk management and evaluation.

Our team contains subject matter experts that have published papers and are active members of the major global expert group in this area, known as the ‘Biometric Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group’.

Let our expertise help your organisation ensure that its systems are both meeting and exceeding your security expectations. Our engineers and consultants can ensure that your biometric systems are safeguarded against malicious and fraudulent attacks.

We can undertake assurance activities for organisations implementing machine learning projects to allow an independent assessment and provide confidence in the solution being delivered.

Our experts can conduct an overall security review of your organisation’s service to ensure that it is in alignment with best practice standards, such as relevant international standards (ISOs) and the Australian Signals Directorate’s Information Security Manual.

Our team has the tools to help your organisation assess and manage risk. We can provide automation of risk-based decisions inherent in biometric workflows and processes.

In addition to our inherent biometric risk management services, we offer broader risk assessments that can analyse the risks underpinning any organisational decision.

Our engineers have developed our BxLive program in order to determine whether a user is attempting to fraudulently enter your organisation’s biometric system or application.

Our team can perform a series of tests to determine the overall resilience of your organisation’s system to biometric and social engineering attacks. Our analysis includes a threat emulation test conducted in two parts: scenario testing and a deep-dive technical analysis of system performance.

Once we have our results, we can provide your organisation with a report detailing tuning and optimisation techniques that can be implemented to boost overall system resilience.