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Identity Experience
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Welcome to Biometix

Helping organisations harness the powers of biometric and identity management solutions to enhance, automate and secure their businesses.

Our Services

Providing Industry-Leading Advice for Over 20 Years


We have been strategising and introducing complex governance models involving innovative technology for more than 20 years.

Learning & Development

We offer a variety of bespoke training packages using adult learning principles that suit you and your organisational needs.

Managed Services

We specialise in working on your behalf to manage and support your systems to save you time, money and thousands of headaches.

Risk Assurance

We can help guide you through new and unknown risks ensure that your project reaches its full potential while minimising bumps along the way.

Consulting and Advisory

Utilising more than two decades of experience, we provide advice that takes your business to the leading edge.


We have skills and qualifications that span a variety of areas of expertise including management consulting, testing and software development.

A Career That Fits Your Calling

Whether your interests lie in advising clients across industries, expanding our clients’ digital and analytical capabilities, or supporting the firm’s operations, every individual plays an important role in our collective.

Bespoke Software and Application Development

Our experienced, innovative, and business focused development and design team enables Biometix to create world class technical systems and solutions tailored to your cyber/identity management and biometrics security needs.

  • Individually Crafted Solution – we fit technology to your business rather than tryingto change your business to fit the technology.
  • Return on Investment – well planned and well-built solutions provide immediate, targeted benefits and form part of your organisations IP.
  • Scalability – our solutions can develop and grow with your organisation and its changing requirements, particularly as technology evolves.
  • Time-Saving – our products save you time on software integration and employee training as well as speeding up critical processes.

Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF)

We can assist your organisation to understand the new requirements of the TDIF and prepare for its implementation by ensuring your staff have the required knowledge and that your policies and systems are compliant.

  • Design – we can assist throughout the design process to ensure that your system is built to be compliant from the ground up.
  • Review – our in-depth system analysis will allow your organisation to make modifications where necessary.
  • Compliance – we can assist you with comprehending and applying the TDIF requirements to ensure system compliance.
  • Advice – our team of experts can help simplify the complexities of the TDIF and provide advice on how to optimise your time and effort.

Helping to Secure our World

Wherever possible, we seek to deliver projects that result in long-term value to
the global community. We provide perpetual, unrestricted licenses to code-bases developed during projects, with the ambition of open-sourcing code where possible.

It is our ambition that the code we develop will increase the security of nations and improve the lives of people in need.

Realising Value

Biometix positions our clients to maximise value from their projects at all stages of the biometrics life cycle.

Our vendor independent subject matter expertise ensures that correct technology is selected, systems are correctly configured and managed, and that the system ultimately aligns with the business objectives.

Our Clients

We work with a range of Government and private organisations