Managed Services

Maintaining and improving your systems.

Our team can harness years of industry experience working within biometric, cyber security and identity management systems in order to make your organisation’s systems run efficiently and effectively.

We will critically assess your strengths in order to streamline your processes naturally by leveraging existing tools and organically introducing new ones. Regardless of if your system is yet to be built or finalised, has suffered damage or instability, or simply needs to be outsourced, our experts can help your team to smoothly transition the system to a stable support arrangement.

Our team can provide application specific technical support, including bug & defect management, incident management, problem management and service requests for both biometric and non-biometric applications.

Our experts can validate your organisation’s application responsiveness and availability. We will provide set up and continued monitoring of system availability and incidents.

Our team can install, maintain & support products that are cloud-native. In addition, we can provide advice to your organisation on alternative cloud-based hosting arrangements.

We can ensure that your organisation is prepared for every possible verification scenario in your biometric system. Our team can conduct end-to-end testing scenarios involving both data analysis and workflow analysis to assess under which scenarios a person may be able to falsely verify or otherwise circumvent security measures.

Our engineers have designed a host of biometrics programs for various uses. We can license these on a subscription basis and all programs can be centrally hosted.

Our team can create, implement and test policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of critical infrastructure and systems following a disaster.

We can help maintain your organisation’s systems by ensuring a smooth implementation of crucial patches, hot fixes and upgrades.

Our experts can assist in resolving any existing contract issues your organisation may have. We conduct reviews to determine how relevant they are as a support, as well as uphold new or existing services in alignment with best practice frameworks (such as ITIL).

Our team can provide an initial point of contact for access, service requests, general enquiries and support for your organisation’s systems. In addition, we can also provide application support.

Biometix will readily take on your organisation’s identity resolutions services and maintain them using our highly qualified biometric and technical experts. This may include assistance or supplementation to an in-house investigation / analysis team or the full outsourcing of the services.

We can assess the readiness of both your organisation and its systems to transition to an operational state. Our team can then provide guidance to ensure a smooth transition towards a live state.