Technical Engineering

Building programs that work for you.

We know our programs inside and out, which is why we’re in the best position to get them to work for your organisation. Although we specialise in biometrics and identity management, our team has a broad range of experience spanning a wide array of software, enabling us to build the program that works best for you.

We will use our experience to ensure that your software adheres to your requirements and aligns with industry best practice while maintaining cost efficiency. Whether desktop or mobile applications, cloud-based or locally hosted, our team will ensure that your software is resilient, agile and adaptive to the technological advances of the future.

We can design, create and build anything from a small section up to an entire application for mobile or desktop devices. This can be done for many different operating systems including Windows, OSX, Android and iOS.

Our team can build biometric, cyber security and identity management systems and applications customised to suit the needs of your organisation.

We can provide cloud native solutions over distributed cloud architectures to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Our engineers have experience building with multiple cloud-based platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

Our experts can provide a proof of concept for your organisation’s ambition, whatever that might be. We can design, create and build a demonstration from scratch to help you visualise your project.

Our team can design, create and build applications that are responsive and adaptable to different size / ratio requirements.

We can create, implement and test policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of critical infrastructure and systems following a disaster.

If your organisation requires linking between new or existing systems, our experts will work to integrate the systems harmoniously without compromising the integrity of the system.