Your data already knows what’s happening.

Now it can tell you.

Performix is our award winning software package that enables you to monitor and manage the performance of your biometric solution.

Performix simplifies your data into powerful analysis reports and provides interactive data visualisation with the ability to fully drill-down into the data. This provides reporting and inquiry capabilities that go well beyond what you would expect in a conventional Management Information System.

Performix can interface with any biometric engine to provide vendor-independent tuning, assessment and performance monitoring. Performix is a management information system built specifically for biometric data. It provides all of the information you need to effectively manage your biometric system and its performance.

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Performix puts you in control of your system, allowing you to:

  • Manage all aspects of operational performance
  • Identify vulnerabilities and risks
  • Measure recognition performance
  • Compare different vendors during evaluation
  • Tune system parameters for best outcomes
  • Prepare for upgrades and extensions
  • Tag and investigate events and people of interest

Performix Case Studies

Management in Production

Performix can continually assess operational system performance, provide alerts on vulnerabilities and recommend changes to rules and other parameters. When biometric algorithms need to be upgraded, Performix can test the upgrade on your live data without affecting ongoing operations. No production manager should be without Performix.

Assessment for Development

Performix provides rapid analysis of performance changes during algorithm development & system tuning. It can determine optimum system settings and show exception cases. It is ideal for biometric system developers as well as informed managers of production systems. Every biometric system developer should be equipped with Performix.

Evaluation for Selection and Design

Performix allows you to manage, run and compare multiple biometric test scenarios. For instance, quality of enrolment, age and ethnicity can be evaluated across several different biometric engines from different vendors. It can also estimate expected queuing times or examine multi-modal options. Performix is invaluable or providing an independent, detailed, quantitative evaluation of potential suppliers, so that you can be assured that your selection will meet your requirements.

Fraud Detection and Investigation

Performix enhances the detection and investigation of identity fraud through customised reports, data mining techniques and the unique display of potential problems. It reduces the amount of time needed to detect fraud.

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