Biometric Quality Assessment Tool (BQAT)


An open-source framework for generating quality statistics for biometric samples

BQAT (Biometric Quality Assessment Tool) generates and analyzes quality metrics of biometric samples to meet international standards as well as customized metrics. BQAT takes an input directory of biometric data and will produce both the raw quality information as well as an analysis report.
Sample quality is a key aspect of the performance and usefulness of biometric systems. This project is aimed to provide an open source framework to support all common modalities and allow for expansion as new methods are developed.

Multiple Modalities

Supports quality assessment for face, fingerprint, iris and speech

Simple Installation

Pull docker image from repository, or git clone and build locally

Ease of Use

Extensive documentation on GitHub. View quality assessments in the form of a report or spreadsheet

Ease of Integration

BQAT is designed with integration into existing systems in mind. In addition, BQAT’s source code is publicly available and allows for forking
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