Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to help them reach their goals.

Biometix was established in 1998 by Dr Ted Dunstone as a way to pursue his dream of working in emerging technologies, including biometrics. In 2002, Biometix implemented the SmartGate prototype, the world’s first biometric automated border control system as part of a global trend towards heightened security post 9/11. Since then, Biometix has been working at the forefront of biometrics, conducting world-leading research and applying this knowledge to our products and projects across the globe.

Biometix continues to provide strong unbiased advice about all aspects of biometric systems for many government and corporate clients in Asia, Europe and the US. We also have a strong commitment to research and development, having published pioneering papers in the area of biometric analysis techniques for which we received an IEEE best paper award in 1997. Biometix was also awarded the prestigious “Most Innovative Security Product” at The Security Summit, held in San Diego in 2010.

Dr Dunstone also founded the Biometrics Institute in 2001 responding to an industry need for an impartial forum for sharing knowledge and information about biometrics. By August 2015 the Institute has grown to include 180 organisations (650 individuals) from 24 different countries.

Biometric systems are complex and very different to traditional security methods. Clients turn to us to provide independent advice, assessment and assurance where there are a range of vendors, technologies and risks. Biometix is recognised globally as one of the only biometric consulting firms that can combine vendor independence, world-leading research and strong technical depth delivered by local Australian talent.

Biometix primarily provides our products and services to immigration, border control and intelligence agencies within Europe, USA and NZ, however we also have engagements with the financial sector, resources sector and professional services firms.

Always Innovating

Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to help them achieve their goals.

On the Forefront

Our passion ensures that we are up to date with changes within the biometrics and identity management space.

Global Travellers

Whilst we are proudly Australian, we endeavour to provide borderless solutions for our customers.

A Diverse Multi-Disciplinary Team

The team comprises of true subject matter experts across a range of disciplines and skill sets including analysts, data scientists, and biometricians and consultants.

Security Cleared

The Biometix team possess various security clearances of relevant levels both in Australia and around the world. If you need assistance on topics that are a bit more sensitive, we are likely to be able to assist.

Vendor Independent

Whilst we know all the main players in the game of biometrics and identity management, we are proudly independent. This means we can conduct evaluations for you without any conflict of interest.

Meet The Team



    Ted is a world-renowned biometric & identity expert with industry experience across a range of areas including border, biometrics, identity and risk.

    Ted is experienced in working with the identity lifecycle, proof of identity and fraud analysis in both biometric and traditional security systems.

    Ted has delivered a range of projects for large government departments and private sector firms involving software development, assurance services and biometrics / border advisory.

    Dr. Ted Dunstone
    Managing Director

    Cynthia has been part of the Biometix team since 2017 and has over 15 years experience in professional administration, human relations and finance positions.

    She ensures the smooth operation of the office and assists in the development and implementation of company policies as well as overseeing the administration of HR policies, programs and practices.

    Maintaining accounts payable, receivables, monthly billing and payroll are part of Cynthia’s daily duties.

    Cynthia Dimond
    Office and Finance Manager

    Mel is a skilled Consultant with an extensive portfolio of major project engagements, many at the national and enterprise level.

    Mel’s primary career focus over the last 8 years has been as a subject matter expert in the fields of identity and biometrics, with specialist knowledge in the fingerprint modality.

    Mel possesses specialist expertise in complex business reform, compliance, business analysis, change management, strategic program and project management, and complex stakeholder engagement.

    Mel Bartlett
    Principal Consultant

    Rio is a technical biometrics consultant with a background in advanced analytics, enterprise IT projects, and machine learning technologies.

    His recent projects have included developing and implementing a quality assurance program for an enterprise IT system, developing reporting solutions for biometric algorithm fusions, and providing user-focussed business analysis in the government context.

    Rio’s skills include connecting business priorities to technical specifications, implementing machine learning solutions, and providing independent quality assurance to biometric systems.

    Rio Dose
    Senior Consultant

    Stewart is an IT professional and biometrics consultant with a background in IT service management and academic teaching.

    Stewart specialises in conducting vulnerability testing for biometric systems involving automated and manual testing, writing test plans and developing test cases, working closely with clients to meet their requirements.

    Stewart specialises in biometric systems for financial sector clients and has a strong background in voice biometrics, identity management and biometric data analysis.

    Stewart Pope
    Senior Consultant


    Somya is an engineering professional and a technical consultant with a strong background in electronics, communications, and data analysis.

    Somya’s background in engineering enables her to have a sophisticated grasp on the complex aspects of biometrics and identity standards.

    She is a governance expert and an ardent researcher with proficiency in compliance, training, market analysis, and laboratory evaluations.

    Somya Singh
    BixeLab Manager

    Edward is a member of the software development team working to maintain and develop key software products.

    Edward is a graduate with extensive experience in scientific computation and modelling having completed various research projects.

    At Biometix, Edward uses his skills to develop software for clients, including testing and documentation, and he is always eager to learn and apply new technologies in his development efforts.


    Edward Kopka
    Software Developer


    Abuzar is an engineering professional and software developer with a background in software engineering, network engineering, and information technology.

    Abuzar has experience in designing and implementing software and network communication systems using engineering principles.

    As a member of the development team, he works to develop and maintain software solutions for clients.


    Abuzar Lone
    Software Developer

Proudly Canberran. Globally Focussed.

The world is more interconnected than ever before, and due to advances in biometric technologies, our industry has become increasingly accessible. We endeavour to provide solutions for our customers regardless of where they may be, having worked with businesses and governments throughout Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.

At Biometix we have always been proud to call Canberra home. Though the city is known for its sleepy small-town atmosphere, Canberra is a global city that allows us to offer our services across the globe.

If you have a problem that requires a biometric solution, we will be there for you, wherever and whenever you need us.