Comprehensively testing every facet of your system.

Our techs have years of experience making and breaking biometrics, cyber security and identity management systems across the globe, from the smallest piece to the overall structure. Our experts will ensure that your system can withstand everything that is likely to be thrown at it by using tools such as manual and automation testing, regression testing, integration testing and system testing.

Thorough testing from our team of experts ensures that your biometric or identity management system is performing optimally and in accordance with the design specifications. We can also check whether your system has appropriate security measures in place and provide advice to help to defend your system from potential data theft, fraudulent persons and other security incursions.

Our system testing, accreditation and assurance services are undertaken by our leading-edge laboratory partner, BixeLab.

Our experts can provide a rigorous testing environment for your new biometric system. Additionally, we can determine the accuracy for identification and verification for genuine and imposter users, including against available demographic metadata.

We can comprehensively test your system to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency. Our experts can assess your identification or verification system for key performance metrics in system operation, such as response times, matching times, transaction volumes, and processing load

A real risk with biometric technologies is the ability to fool the system with a presentation attack. Our technical experts can assess the anti-spoofing capabilities of your new biometric systems. In addition, we can ensure that your system aligns with PAD testing standards and provide recommendations on how to improve system defences.

Our experts can analyse your biometric data holdings to ensure that they are accurate and valid. Our team can test for quality issues in the templates or associated data that can impact accuracy and introduce vulnerabilities.

We can ensure that your organisation is prepared for every possible verification scenario in your biometric system. Our team can conduct end-to-end testing scenarios involving both data analysis and workflow analysis to assess under which scenarios a person may be able to falsely verify or otherwise circumvent security measures.

Upgrading biometrics systems is complex. It is critical to ensure full independent testing is conducted during and after data migration activities. Our team of experts can guide your organisation through the migration to minimise data loss and address any compliance issues. Alternatively, we can provide an assessment of how your migration is going, or has gone, post completion.

Our team can assess your biometric system and identify potential gaps. We can test your biometric system for susceptibility to a range of vulnerabilities relating to artefact presentations (such as masks) and misconfigurations.