Consulting & Advisory

Helping you get the most out of your projects.

We can help you determine whether your organisation could benefit from a new biometric, cyber security or identity management system, and help ensure that it is culturally and technologically ready.

From there we can work with you to create a holistic roadmap in order to ensure a smooth service delivery.

If your organisation is midway through designing or creating a new system, we can identify and manage the risks, as well as ensure that your project meets all relevant industry standards in order to help maximise your rollout efficiency.

Our experts design and run personalised workshops that will help frame the possible implementation of biometrics within your organisation. Our team will analyse both the positive and negative impacts of implementing biometrics, as well as help to foster innovation and determine cultural readiness.

Our Customer Journey Mapping provides insights into possible future customer experiences. Our team will outline the entirety of the current customer journey, including all interactions and customer mood. Changing interactions in the map will vary the customers future experiences.

Let us manage the development and implementation of your
new biometric, cyber security, enforcement, or identity management application solution.

Project Readiness Assessment

We begin by evaluating your organisation’s appetite and readiness to begin a project. Our team will evaluate your cultural attitudes, team orientation, budget and technical capability in order to determine how best to deliver your project. Once our experts have completed their assessment, they will provide guidance on ways in which to strengthen the project setup before implementation even begins.

Requirements and Specifications Documentation

We can create Requirements and Specifications Documentation to meet your organisation’s strategic, business and technical outcomes. Alternatively, our industry experts can conduct reviews of existing documented requirements or specifications and provide traceability by mapping business and technical requirements to application capability.

Project Health Check

Our experts can provide a Project Health Check for your mid-flight project, either as one-offs or at regular intervals to ensure your project is on-track. Your project’s health will be assessed on how well it is dealing with key best practices and all relevant standards (including ISOs).

Our team can provide technical advice on how your biometric or identity management system should be built in accordance with best practice standards while maintaining adherence to the requirements of your organisation.

Architecture Design Review

With an Architecture Design Review we can determine whether your organisation’s projected or existing system is aligned with appropriate architecture best practices. Our team will evaluate, and where possible, measure the system design and data architecture in order to provide a report that highlights the findings of the review and recommends tuning where necessary.

Biometrics Quality Assurance

By evaluating and tuning your existing biometric systems, modalities and processes through provision of our industry experts, our team will perform data audits against system requirements and functions. We will compare matching scores with actual performance, as well as conducting algorithm health checks and system workflow analyses.

Biometric System Design Review

Our team can undertake a Biometric System Design Review to determine whether your organisation’s biometric system design meets your requirements. We can assess the system (including application and infrastructure) for overall viability and capacity to deliver or exceed according to your specifications.

Service Design/Blueprint

Our experts can map out your organisation’s proposed service end-to-end in a Service Design/ Blueprint. Our Service Design/Blueprint will detail both the mechanical steps of the system (both front and back stage) and the customer journey.

Technical Transformation Roadmap

We will detail how your operational system and all associated processes should be transformed or enhanced.

Our expertise allows us to provide constructive insight into any procurement activities your organisation is currently undertaking within our fields, including the contribution of written services or technical knowledge. Our integrity is of the utmost importance to us, so we always approach this line of work with transparency and truthfulness.

Vendor - Industry Landscape Analysis

We can provide you with an industry assessment of your hardware, software & services. This assessment will ensure that your product meets both industry and organisational requirements for procurement, systems install and other related activities.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team can provide Subject Matter Expertise into the formation of tender documentation. We can also evaluate and test vendors and their products, as well as produce recommendations to the client.

Our team can help your organisation understand how your new system will impact your users’ privacy and what legislation needs to be considered before an implementation. We can develop and assess Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) for biometric systems.

Our industry experts can develop a report or research paper on a topic, or series of topics, associated with biometrics, identity management or cyber security. Our industry-leading team will provide years of industry knowledge, subject matter expertise and analysis in order to produce a valuable and worthwhile paper for your organisation.